Essential Beauty Trends for Women

Whether you have to head to your work or attend a friend’s party, you deserve the best look. With beauty trends making quick shifts all the time, it is imperative to stay updated with the latest styles. While it is important to look for the most up to the minute trends, make sure the styles you follow go well with your individual persona.

What’s trending?

Contouring and grunge-y eyeliner are some of the recent styles in makeup that are trending and are likely to remain at top of the list of most makeup artists. But that’s not it, your brows deserve as much attention as your lips or eyes. Likewise, you need to follow the hottest hairstyles to ensure a perfect look. Paying attention to each feature can help you achieve just the right look. The reason is that every feature is unique so it deserves individual care.
Here are some of the essential beauty trends for all you ladies out there. They are suitable for all fashionistas regardless of their skin tone, hair texture or age. But it does not mean you should not use your aesthetic sense!

Makeup Hacks


It all starts with a fresh and clean skin. Without a smooth and radiant skin, your makeup will not even help you look great. Natural, dewy, glowing and soft are some of the skin trends that are gaining popularity at present. To achieve such a look, you will have to invest in beauty oil and get a quality highlighter to enhance your glow. Moreover, women of style need to have a skincare routine to ensure that their skin look bright and healthy.


According to some of the most popular makeup artists, dark-rimmed eyes are ideal. To get this look, blotch a soft black or kohl liner around the line of your eyelashes. Neutral eyes are also IN together with mascara as the primary emphasis. But there are some artists who hold the view that color will play a greater part. So exploring options such as a teal eyeliner can be a good idea.

makeup hacks


Eyebrows make one of the most essential facial features. They not only help keep sweat out of our eyes, but also allow you to convey a wide variety of emotion through facial expression. Fuller brows are trending. Why? Full brows let you wear less makeup. They also make you look younger and help you show more facial expression.


As far as contouring goes, it will still remain a major focus. However, with a gentler, see-through application ensuring that the effect is more realistic and less dramatic. Some artists believe that contouring is no more as popular as it was sometime back. Opting for lightly bronzed cheeks can thus be suitable and a safer option.


Consider shimmery and muted lip tones that would complement your fresh skin. Lips that look natural as well as glossy ones are also trending so you have this possibility at your disposal as well. Those who wish to add some color can try bright red lips that are back with a bang once again.
Even though you may not be interested in forgetting shades that are vampy for times to come, the drift of soft and rosy skin is expected to shift full contouring.


While you have a number of hair styling options, remember that it’s all being super feminine, spirited and close to retro; the contemporary all in one look. Here are some of the hottest hairstyling choices that are trending:
Length. Though you might be inclined to shorter haircuts, now is the time of length. Long hair has been making a comeback so be prepared to say good bye to your mid-length locks and short cuts if you really wish to be the center of attention.
The tuck. The only way to keep your hair out of your face and look great, the tuck is in fashion as always; be it bound by a ribbon or tucked into the back of your shirt.
Plaits. Braided Twisted, French and fishtail; be prepared to try all sorts of plaiter for a fresh look.
The undone bun. Carefree, easy going looks are trending. Gone are the times of the sleek and polish bun.
Ponytail. The school yard staple has made a comeback. Snap at the nape of the neck for a polished ponytail.
The Bottom-line
Make sure you follow the best makeup and hair trends this year for personal and professional success. But remember that styles that do not really make you feel comfortable may not be the best option out there. Being natural and simple can sometimes do the trick so don’t be obsessed with too much makeup; just what’s essential. Be yourself.

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