While black and brown are the traditional colors that belong to the season of mist and frost, why not give yourself a break from the dark hues and look for some vibrant colors? You don’t have to hold on to the typical colors of the season all the time. Thinking out of the box and exploring some new and fresh fashion ideas will not only help you stand out in a crowd but also make you feel good about yourself. Though black is the OFFICIAL winter color in many cities, you can easily widen your opportunities by looking for a different range of colors.


Bright Colors

Bold Colors are Trending!
Astonishingly, bold colors are fall’s most surprising trend. So there is no need to wait for the summer or spring to actually wear some bright shades. Believe it or not, there are plenty of choices out there and you can certainly get your hands on some perky varieties for fall and winter.

Pink Coats

Bright colors


Interestingly, pink coats have been trending for quite some time now. You can easily search the online stores to find these coats and update your winter wardrobe with some bright colors. These coats can make a great outfit for all occasions. You can even put them on at work and cast a powerful impression on others.

Blue Boots

Getting some colorful outfits for winter or fall does not mean you must dress yourself in green or yellow from head to toe. All it means that you can add one or two accessories such as your blue boots on a frosty day.

Red Sweater

Bright Colors


A red sweater can be one of the best choices when you have to settle for some bright shades for fall or winter. It will provide you with a glow in addition to the inherent warmth that comes with red. Pair it with black or blue denim to create a fantastic look. These outfits can also look wonderful underneath black jackets and coats.

Purple Coat

Long winter coats make one of the most essential clothing for the winter. Most people think that these coats are only available in darker shades such as black and brown. But this is rather a misconception. A purple coat in winter can help you look beautiful. For those with cool skin tones, this outfit can just be perfect. You don’t always have to be a woman in BLACK throughout the winter; be BOLD; experiment with bright colors.

Purses in Bright Colors

Buying yellow or orange purses can be a great way to bring in some color in the dreary winter season. These purses truly stand out and complement the traditional black or brown fall or winter outfits. Purple, pink, green… the choices are endless. So make sure your next big purchase is a beautiful purse, one that is bright.

Pairing Navy and Bright Pink

Pairing navy and bright pink is another way to go bright this fall. Navy basically balances out the pink while enabling it to glow at the same time. Try wearing navy pants with pink sweater or vice versa. You will be amazed to see how cool you will look in such vibrant combinations.

Red Lips
Red lipstick is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make your winter brighter. You should rock a red lip as often as you can. It will instantly make you look more prominent, more attractive, pacifying the traditional shades of fall/winter.
Bright Scarves

Bright Colors


An interesting way to add some color to your conventional winter black and brown clothing, there is a wide variety of bright scarves that you can benefit from. Look for red, blue and other bold colors that would make you look noticeable instantly.
Yellow Jackets and Coats

Bright Colors


No doubt you cannot do without a warm jacket in the winter and if you select one in yellow it can brighten you up instantly. Yellow jackets are there on the shelves. Pair them with blue jeans or black leggings to create an exciting look for winter. There are plenty of coats in yellow as well that you can easily buy choosing from a huge assortment of styles.

Bright Pants

Bright Pants

Pink, purple, orange, green, blue and more, there are several bright colored pants that you can find in the market and pair with your favorite sweater, coats or jackets for the fall and winter. For some, bright blue or green may feel much more practical than shocking pink or sunny yellow.

Making the Right Choices

Though bold colors in fall and winter can be an excellent way to dress and ensure a fresh look, make sure you use these shades carefully. If you overdo or use the inappropriate combinations, it is possible that you may end up creating a disaster for yourself. Balancing colors out and maintaining aesthetical appeal is the right way to use any hue for fall, winter as well as other seasons.

Bright Colors