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Feeling sick? Have to rush to work? Drop your kids in school? Well, being sick is the worst nightmare.
If you are feeling low you want to keep lying in the bed and drowse off all over again. The thought of makeup may be the most annoying thing at such times. BUT there is no way you can actually escape since you cannot head to your work or get out of your place with a pale or gloomy face. You don’t really want people to notice your state and keep coming to you saying “Ah, you look so sick!” At the same time, it may not be possible for you to drag yourself in front of the mirror and spend hours ensuring your eyes, lips and cheeks look perfect. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to try some makeup hacks that can make you look at least presentable if not perfect.

White Eyeliner

makeup Hacks
Although you might be used to of wearing black eyeliner, but days when you are actually not very well, keeping up with it can be a challenging task. Black liner smudges very easily particularly when your eyes are watery. They may also cause irritation in your eyes. So instead of using the conventional black, opt for white liner. The white liner can help you look fresh and awake. You will not have to put in a lot of effort to attain a desirable look within seconds. A nude pencil can be especially very useful in such times when you have to look great without spending much time.

Brow Gel
Using a brow gel can be a great way to look just fine when you are actually not. A tinted brow gel can be a better option than a pencil as it will help to fill in any gaps, but also help you have instant brows with the help of its wand like mascara.

Blotting Sheets
Oily skin is one of the most difficult things to manage on a day when you are under the weather. Those of you who are battling with fever may feel sticky and your skin will show the signs. It is obvious since your skin will produce excess oil. So the best way to protect your skin from this issue is to soak it up with a blotting sheet. Just take this step and it will help you look fresh and good.

Sheer Lipstick

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Don’t underestimate the power of sheer lipstick. It has been trending and there are brands that are pooping out in numerous colors. Why? The reason is that they look just right on every woman. Unlike matte color lipsticks that are drying and expose every line in your lips, sheer lipsticks are increasingly hydrating. That is why you are unwell they can make the perfect option for your lips. Another reason for their growing popularity is that they are not too sticky as lip glosses and will give your complexion a much needed enhancement for sure.

Lightweight Concealer
Make sure you use a few layers of makeup as you can when you are ill. If you do, it will only make you look even more tired. Avoid using heavy concealers that can get cakey and opt for a lightweight formula that is blend-able with ease. Use a concealer that is one to two shades lighter for the under the eye as it will help you look attractive even if you have not had a good night’s sleep.

A Glowing Primer
It is best to avoid matte makeup which would make your skin look gloomy. Instead, apply a radiant primer under your tinted foundation or moisturizer. This way you will get a chance to make your skin look shiny and fresh; you will not look sick at all.

Cream Blush

Use cream blushes as they can be applied with ease. They can also help you benefit from major color payoff. Don’t use powder blushes in order to avoid an irregular look as they would make your skin look even dryer when you are ailing. Choose a light pink or soft peach so that you can have a natural look.

Be Prepared

makeup hacks
With these simple makeup hacks you can easily battle with your sickness and look perfectly fine. No one will be able to make out if you are in poor health. Moreover, you will not have to really spend a long mastering the perfect “natural look” and experimenting when there is no time for creativeness. Just keep in mind these ideas so that they can prove handy; you never know when you may not feel at the top of the world and need some quick makeup hacks.
Good luck!