The season of frost and haze is here with its full splendor; time to grab your hot chocolate and tuck yourself in your warm blankets. BUT no matter how much you wish to stay in front of the warm fireplace, you will have to get out in the frost. You need to fill your wardrobe with some clothing that is essential for the winter and be prepared to meet the icy challenges. Turtleneck sweaters are without doubt one of the most important assets for the cold weather. This outfit is versatile enough to be used throughout the chilly months and makes an excellent piece in terms of style as well. Depending on your own need and preference, you can wear a turtleneck just as you want. Compared to other winter fashion outfits, these sweaters provide more styling options.


Turtle neck
You don’t have to stick to the boring route of wearing your turtleneck with jeans or dress pants all the time. Remember that being creative with these outfits can pay you off for the entire season so think out- of-the-box. Experiment with colors, layers as well as accessories and you will be amazed how you can use your sweater in endless ways. Here are some interesting styling ideas that can help you make the most of your turtlenecks.

Look for a Variety of Styles

Since these sweater come in various styles, you can look for different alternatives for various occasions. Sleeveless, a turtleneck dress, puff sleeved, short-sleeved and more, there are quite a number of selections out there to provide you with sufficient ideas for the entire season. In terms of colors, materials as well as prints, these sweaters also have huge collections.

Wear with Necklaces

Turtle neck
These outfits look great with statement necklaces. So try using one with a stylish necklace that will highlight your face and add interest to your outfits. A pearl necklace, one with mixed materials or multiple layers can also look fantastic with a turtleneck.

Wear with Scarves

A turtleneck also looks wonders with colorful scarves. Pair a beige sweater with red or multicolored scarf and you will look stunning.

Wear with Belts

You can also put on belts with your turtleneck sweaters. Working ladies can achieve a chic look by wearing a sleek skinny leather belt around the waist of the sweater.

Go Classic

You can put the classic and lightweight turtleneck that has a fold over neck. Make sure you get the sweater in appropriate color so that you can pair them with suitable jackets/coats. For example, getting colors such as white, red or beige can be a good way to use them with jackets and coats of contrasting shades such as black or brown.

Wear with Trousers or Jeans

You can also pair your oversized turtleneck with slim-fit trousers, jeans or leather leggings. Such sweaters are very warm and comfortable and they can provide you with enough elegance in addition to the practical benefits. Pairing them with a fitted bottom means that you will be able to create a good balance with the bigger tops areas.

Go for Cowl Necks

This type of sweater has an extravagant turtleneck that folds over with a drape. Since they come in various sizes and shapes, you can find a suitable option to pair with a jacket or coat of your choice.

Pair with Earrings

Using your turtleneck with a chic pair of earrings is another stylish way to wear your turtleneck sweater. It will help to draw attention to the classy neckline.

Wear over Long Sleeve Shirts and Frocks
If you are interested in wearing a sleeveless turtleneck, you can put it on over frocks or shirts with 
long-sleeves. Try a brooch amid the neck to create additional attention.

Style with your Hair

If you want to flatter your wide or round face, wearing a turtleneck in an appropriate manner can help. These sweaters emphasize a wide or round face shape as it shortens your neck and your face. You can style your hair in an up-do that looks ideal with this kind of winter clothing.

The Universal Appeal

Make sure you get yourself a slim-fitted, black, lightweight turtleneck. This piece will blend well with almost all your winter outfits from leggings to coats. It makes an ideal outfit for women with all body figures! Neutrals shades such as grey, white, beige/, brown and dark blue can also easily complement with most of your outfits.

Fabrics to Look For

turtle neck
Those of you who really want to make the best of their investment in their turtleneck should look for quality fabrics such as cotton-lycra-blend, cashmere or merino wool blend. These fabrics will not make you itch or cause a lot of irritation to your neck region. Moreover, they will prove faithful for years.