Fashion Styling Services is proud to offer Fashion Styling Consulting Services in person or through online chat, such as Skype or Google Hangouts. This service is intended to assist those who need help with wardrobe replacement or new wardrobe, weddings, special events, going out, makeup, styling, and more!

Georgia Abikwi has a different vision for what can make a person beautiful; she styles the whole package, not just one element of an individual. She has a passion for fashion design, creativity, home decor, color, shapes, feng shui and powerful first impressions.

Georgia first became obsessed with fashion when her Mom passed away at the age of 2 when she found all of her Mom’s clothes were still in the closet, waiting to be discovered. Georgia states “My Mom was classy and I just said “wow” looking at her fashions with the beautiful shapes, styles and patterns hat she acquired from all over the world. I realized so much about the world of my Mom’s travels as a corporate executive, while discovering and selling clothing as her side passion.

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